dimanche 27 mars 2011

Pots in person & wandering the web

I used to mostly discover pots in person.
In particular, I always go to two events in Paris, the Festival de céramique in the 11th, which I mentioned in an earlier post, and "Les journées de la céramique," which is in the summer every year, as part of the Foire St. Germain, at the Place St. Sulpice. Incidentally, I'm not sure if there will be a Foire St. Germain this year: The city hall held a call to offer for the open-air exposition space, and a commercial organization (some sort of  Antiques operation) has won it. So the Foire, which hosts not only the ceramics event, but also features theater, photography, antiques, and poetry, will have to find another location. There's a petition out to reinstate the Foire, and I came out of my disengaged shell to sign it because I have a personal attachment to the event and also because I suspect holding this event in a trendy part of town introduces all sorts of folks to artisinal ceramics. It's the summer, and people strolling easily about the quarter just bump into the Foire. They aren't necessarily art officianados or other artists. And the ceramics themselves are varied. I've seen everything from awesome ceramic slugs (I'm not kidding, I really dug them.) to hideous cutesy bowls (sorry, just not my style), to beautiful chawans.
There are lots of other ceramics events in Paris, about France, and undoubtably worldwide, but I can't seem make it to them all. However, lately I've been using the internet to discover potters, and it is, as for so many other subjects, just an amazing resource.
Part of what is so interesting about discovering ceramics online is that people offer up a part of themselves. Today I've discovered Euan Craig's blog, which is touching to read in light of recent events in Japan. What also gets me is that in his gallery, his bowls are shown with food in them. Which is what bowls are all about, right? That said, Euan Craig's recent works page best displays work I admire. I feel that the shapes and the glazes are in harmony - something I aspire to acheive.
I could go on and on about it, but there are pots drying out back, and I better go touch'm up before they get too hard!

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