lundi 1 août 2011


All week I'd been doodling this turtle made mostly of holes (obsess much about the circle doodle?) and this weekend I finally got around to making it.
A. wandered into the pot shop and I eagerly asked, five-year-old-style, "do you like my turtle?"

A. said, "what is it for?"
This threw me for a loop. To be honest, I was hoping for a simple yes or no, maybe a comment about whether the thing needed eyeballs. Last week A. had saved me from leaving my mask for "done" by commenting on how the chin and lips were a little off kilter. Sure enough, the face was more realistic (and less snide looking) after I'd fixed that.
Truth is, I don't know exaaaactly what the turtle is for. But I know it's for something, because I created the bottom to be a bowl:

So there I was, hesitating, with A. laughing kindly at me with his eyes when he said, "If ya don't know, tell'm it's Art".
I'm thinking my turtle is pretty far from high art, but I had a hell of a fun time making it. So much fun that I decided to make a pig afterwards:

I'm not sure what came over me. I don't normally really go in for ceramic animals. But don't worry, I made some breakfast bowls as well, and I have all kinds of glorious functionalist plans. So that when A. shows up and says "what is it?" I can say (no matter how big the bowl) "a ramen bowl," and he will simply nod in satisfaction.

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  1. I think your turtle looks cool... And while it's use isn't immediately apparent, it looks like it is designed to have one.
    It would make an awesome sprout animal! Could a teapot be put on top of it? You could put tea candles inside and use it as a cool shaped dish warmer...
    Though it looks cool enough to stand on its own.

    And your piggy bank looks like a katori buta
    (the one on the far left is the one I had as a child)
    (this is the mass produced model, with various angle shots)